So, 'Weena', who responded to my first offer to hang out with a raincheck because she was going out of town for a day, has since completly ignored me.

I only asked her out once. Then in the span of two weeks I text messaged a "How'd your weekend go?" kind of thing twice, with no response of aknowledgement.

That depressed me for a bit, but the last few days have been somewhat good. Actually, the best in awhile, and I'm further reminded that as "bad" as things can get, sometimes they actually get better!

First up, Edward Cherlin from the Earth Treasury checked into our little hotel! He was in town for LinuxWorld and while we were chatting, he pulled out a prototype laptop and demoed it for me.

I had been following the project since I first read about it in Popular Science a few years ago, but it was really cool actually seeing one of the things.

After that, a couple of Korean girls checked in. I've noticed that alot of young, native Asia girls seem to 'Dig' me. Maybe it's because of all those transgendered pop groups over there. Anyway, I was giving them directions to the Golden Gate Bridge, and when I mentioned that after three years of living here I still haven't actually been there, they said they'd wait until I got off work so we could all go together.

Quite a sight, it was, and we had a fairly good time. I developed a near instant crush on one of the girls, (who I later learned were sisters, ) who was so adorably cute. And she's a computer programmer and avid Video Game player! A Fellow Geek!

(She gave me permission to put her photo up on the ole' blog. I just have to show her off!)

So even though I had to pull alot of hours the following days, we ended up spending as much time as we could together. And, *ahem*, the nights were fairly interesting as well.

She's gone now, but I've got her email address and an open invitation to visit her back home. My boss did say that he'd fly me anywhere I'd want for doing such a good job while he was gone.

Maybe I'll take a little vacation soon...?

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