Time flies.

Let's see... Lately things have been alright, though a few punctuations of drama have encroached themselves upon me as of late. There's this employee who's acting like a fifteen year old, overreacting and dramatizing every little thing, dragging personal business into work. I may have to let her go.

Eesh, I never thought I'd find myself in that kind of position. I'm "The Man." Bah.

Then I've got "Amy." We see each other rarely, and each time I imagine myself making some sort of speech, or statement. Something to express my negative sentiments. It's hard, though, because it almost feels like I'm about to kick a puppy. Sure, that soft exterior may just be an illusion, one that I've seen shattered on a couple of occasions.

Mainly though, I just don't think it would actually do anything. Most likely, we'll just completly cut contact. And I don't know, it is nice to talk to someone besides myself or the Hotel Crazies. There was a time when she was my best friend. And sometimes, despite what she did, I think that she feels the same way.

I guess that's part of the illusion, too.

But at any rate, maybe we're not as close as we once were. Maybe we can't be. Despite my feelings on the subject, objectively, I know the distance is a good thing. The fact is, we're almost exactly alike.

Same birthdays, her middle name is my dad's name and mine is her moms name, same birthmark, same same same...

And maybe if I'd been born a "Hot Chick", and I developed that whole Princess Metality, I might have exploded the same way she did when she threw me out.

Suffice to say I can get pretty vindictive myself.

Well, I still think everything worked out for the best. I'm in a good place in my life, financially at least, and I'm using a bit of my next few paychecks to finally build that little invention that's been bouncing around in my head since Second Grade.

I'm looking forward to building my little lab, piece by piece. I'll post some pics when it's finished.

And speaking of pics, those were updated about a week ago. Sometimes I find myself wondering who the Hell that person in the photos are. It certaintly can't be me. My cellphone must have some sort of Magic lens on it.

So I'll end this here, and get back to my new favorite song that's helping to lift my spirits, "Broken One." I fell across it on this girl's MySpace profile.

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