It was a pretty nice day to have off. Sunny and warm, the perfect Lazy Sunday. I did the usual, just walked around, went to the bookstore, read some magazines. Most of my reading as of late has been digital, off my PDA. There's something about carrying a dozen books around in your pocket that strikes me as really cool. Right now I'm reading 1984, something I never got around to.

But I did pick up a real life paperback today, called Red Thunder by John Varley, which has been great so far.

Also, somewhat on the spur of the moment, I've decided I want to know how to knit, so I bought some supplies and have been teaching myself through various internet guides. Why knit? I don't know, I can't explain half my impulses.

Anyhoo, I've come to the realization that I enjoy being single. Spending most of my life alone, I rember the lonliness. The depression. I had yearned for contact and love. And then I got it in spades, all compressed in a couple of years. Well, contact anyway, not sure about requited love.

And now, ironically, I feel relieved not having someone around all the time, not having to try so hard to please someone. Other people are trouble, anyway. So, I walk around whistling a tune (Well, I pretend to whistle, since I can't) and revel in the solitude.

And now, to get back to my "Cast on's".

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