Well I spent Thanksgiving with Dad's family. It was more uneventful than I thought it would be. I did end up drinking a little more than I had initially planned, but that shouldn't be too much of a surprise.

Many many moons ago, back before Project: Transition, back on my old 'site', I made a comment akin to: "We can put a man on the moon, but we haven't put timers on disposable cameras yet." Hehe, guess I was just ahead of my time. (Though that tripod looks kind of stupid...)


Oh, and as a little sidenote...

After almost three years since beginning this whole transitioning business, on November 25th I started living fulltime.

It's kind of silly attaching a date to it. I mean, fulltime is such a fluid concept. I'm not wearing makeup and skirts all the time, and don't plan to. All I can say is I've thrown away my guy voice and gave away a large portion of my old clothes.

I didn't announce it right away because I wanted a few days to just gauge my thoughts and feelings and not worry about summing it all up for a journal entry.

I'm happy, and I can say without a doubt that I'm glad I started on this road three years ago.

So far everyone's been supportive. My cousin said she liked my hair (I got a new cut recently- had some bangs and highlights added.) Aunt is cool, Dad's alright, grandparents...eh, well, they're not exactly for it but they understand it's my life.

I'd like to thank everyones continued support over the years, and all the wonderful emails. You helped me more than you may realize.

Of course, the transition isn't over yet. I'm not shuting down the site or anything, and will continue updating on a weekly basis (or so).

Tons more to do, but for now, the next year will be my little vacation. It'll be for experiencing the here and now without worrying about planning for the next steps.

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