There was a series of "80's Strike Back" specials on VH1, and I was disgusted that I actually remembered most of the stuff they showed.

God I'm old.

Not doing much tonight, just playing around with Microsoft Word. And unfortunatly I will never be a writer.

The idea is always so much better than what I can put on paper, my subpar skills just don't do them any justice. Not that they really deserve any in the first place.

Why am I talking about this? What am I doing?

Blah, I'm in one of Those Moods again. But I'm not drunk, thank you very much. I've been very good lately. Clean and sober for weeks now.

I don't have a problem.

Can you believe what people are naming their children nowadays?

Reading that prompted me to wonder what I'd like to name my kids. And then I remember I'm not having any. And than I was thinking 'Why not?'

I don't want, and can't, father any kids myself, but maybe someday in the far, far future when I've settled down I might adopt. If I even can. I'm not sure how that whole process works.

lol, yeah, I'd make a GREAT parent... Someone would have to be crazy to give me a kid.

K, moving on- I've discovered a new hobby: Cycling and bike maintenance, of all things. At first the bike was just a cheap means to an end, but I actually enjoy fixing the thing up.

So what sparked this meaningless entry about nothing? Not sure. I think I'm just typing for the sake of typing, probably as a way to reduce anxiety.

Now, I'm not having an anxiety attack, I'm just feeling the normal butterflies. Except these are mutant, killer butterflies. With laser guns.

Fulltime is a pretty big deal, and it can get nerve-racking when you realize exactly what that means. What it entails. It's a major life changing event, when you exchange your social role. Sure, the old one's unwanted, but at least it's familiar.

And the number one cause of fear is the unfamiliar, the unknown.

Plus, I've planned a world trip around this?

Yeah, I'm a little nervous. No, I don't know what I'm doing- I lost the manual. Yes, I'm still going through with everything. A good part of this antsy feeling is good ole' fashion excitement.

Assuming everything doesn't come crashing down, I'm looking forward to see what the next year holds.

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