Everything has been calm and smooth the last week. Almost TOO calm and smooth.

I have several quirks, I guess you can say. One of them is that I'm always waiting for something to go wrong, for the other shoe to drop.

My life has been defined by dissapointments, so I guess it's only natural for such an instinct to develop. However, I've been doing my best to suppress it.

I've been trying to get out a bit more, and have noticed a lot of stares, but the comments and snickers have been restricted to only 2 incidents not worth mentioning (Though I did anyway).

In the other Good News department, my passport came. Ahead of schedule, no less. *gasp*

As I said, so far its been smooth sailing. But I have been extremly busy the past couple of weeks taking care of all these little last minute details.

I'm hoping this pattern of everything working out will continue into Monday, because I'd hate for something detrimental to happen with the Starting Line so damn close.

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