Being fulltime is scary enough when you’re in familiar surroundings. I can’t imagine what it will be like thousands of miles away. But nevertheless, this is how I planned it. Perhaps this will force me to grow a bigger backbone.

I’m not sure if I ever explained the specifics of the little trip I’m taking. I’ll be on the road for a while, but you can hardly spit nowadays without hitting a computer with an internet connection, so I expect to be able to update this site fairly frequently.

Though I’ll be traveling and eager to share my experiences, I’ll keep travel related topics to a minimum, focusing instead on what this site is actually supposed to be about- my transitional experiences. Granted, I’ve sort of strayed from that credo since the creation of this site.

Most people just want to hear about the TG stuff, and not my drunk ramblings or how stupid I think my ex-friend Mike is.

Well, that‘s how the site evolved, I guess, and I can’t imagine not adding those little personal touches. But to keep the site from becoming even more diluted with my no doubt sickenly enthusiastic travel experiences, I started a travelogue on another website. The link follows below and is also in the right column.

A Newbie’s Journey (Click the Table of Contents for past entries)

That should keep everything nice and separate, and save those who don’t care from having to sift through all that crap. But if for some reason you DO care, go ahead and Rate it. It will satisfy my narcissistic blood lust for yet another full moon…

So, wish me luck. Til’ next time!

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