--My (brief) Return--

I guess I'll open with a cliche: No, I'm not dead. Obviously.

As I seem to have finally settled down for the time being, I'll post one final update here to explain things.

So, why haven't I updated either this site or my travelogue in the last year? Actually, the answer is pretty boring, and sure to tick off anyone who was worried about me: Once I was out there, and I got over the initial misery, I realized I just didn't want to deal with it.

For once, I wanted to avoid computers, avoid the internet, and just experience the world without worrying about finding an internet cafe or documenting my life for the masses. Yeah, yeah, pretty cheesy answer, but that's what I felt.

'Blog Burnout'maybe?

I did try checking my email a little later, but every time I tried to log in, it said 'Trouble accessing your account, try again in 10 minutes'. And it's still not working, so I apologize for not responding if you wrote me.

Anyway, as for the trip- I went over budget under half way, so the Mysteries of the East will have to wait until later.

I took what I had left and headed to Florida to spend a couple of weeks with the family before moving on once again.

Which brings us to the present: I'm currently living in San Francisco. Yup, I finally made it back to California after 15 years.

And boy, do I love this city. I've never felt at home anywhere- there was always this lingering feeling that I should be somewhere else. Of course it's still the 'honeymoon phase', but I really feel at home here. No matter where life takes me, I think I'll always end up back here eventually.

I purchased a Sidekick from T-mobile soon after arriving, and it's been enough to satisfy my reemerging internet cravings until I can afford a PC. With built in web browser, AIM and email, along with cellular capability, this thing is, well, always at my side.

So anyway, I'm looking for work and about to restart college. As for my transition, well, it's a fuzzy line. I've been fulltime and 'passing' 70% of the time, but I still want to get a bit of cosmetic surgey, and not to mention the SRS.

I can finance the cosmetic stuff once I start working, but the SRS will probably have to wait 'til I start making good money. And with a biochemistry degree, there's always good work available- but I have to earn it first.

I'm not very concerned about SRS right now. I've never been the 'I gotta get rid of this thing ASAP' kind of person. I pretty much just ignore it, but long term, yes, it will eventually get done.

So, I guess I'll wrap it up here. I'll still blog of course, but nothing technical. No TG Resource or Documentation of a Transition- TSRoadmap and Amberspace have got you covered there.

Just me and my thoughts and musings, less 'TG orientated', and more 'just like the other 6 billion forgettable blogs'. But now that I'm back in the Real World I realize I have to blog to stay sane, even if it's just to myself.

Well, The End I guess. Damn, I wish I didn't waste that 'So long, and thanks for all the Fish!' line... Well anyway, take care everyone, and good luck on your travels through life.

As Confucius said, "No matter where you go, there you are..."

*Yes, Blake. Lara Blake was a pseudoname. Heh. I did have a name change, but it was only my middle and last. I had grown rather attached to Blake, so I decided to keep it. It is unisex, afterall.

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