Yeah, I'm a bit freaked right now. I think this house is haunted.

The setting is certaintly right. This is a huge, old house in the middle of the woods, where the neighbors are far apart and the only major road miles away.

It started the other night. A few minutes after I turned off the lights and got into bed there was a knock on my room door. *knock-knock* That was strange, I thought, since the people I'm staying with were long asleep. I got up and there was another one *knock-knock-knock* I opened the door and, of course, no one was there and the hallway was dark and empty.

So that was a little freaky. I tried to lay down again, but my imagination kept getting the best of me so I opened the door and turned some lights on before trying again to get some sleep. About ten minutes later I hear some clicks, and I open my eyes to see that the room door is closed and all the closet doors are open. OOOOKKKKAAAAAYYYY. I grabbed my blanket and spent a restless night on the couch downstairs, with all the lights on.

The next morning I talked to the owners, and they said that it wasn't haunted as far as they knew. They did mention that small items are always getting misplaced, but hey, they're old.

I wasn't even going to mention any of this. After all, it was late, I could have been dreaming- maybe the house is built on some sort of micro-fault line that occasionally produces the odd sound and doors opening and closing.

But a few minutes ago, (alone in the house) I was looking over my map and caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked up and saw a flash of a long bluish dress and a sandled foot dissapear around the corner, like someone had just walked by. I jumped up and ran around the corner but again, no one was there.

Maybe I'm just imagining all this, but it certaintly seems real enough. Are those footsteps I'm hearing upstairs right now just in my head? I don't know. But at any rate I'll be glad to be out of here in a month. Haunted houses and true ghost stories are great to read about or watch on some special, but I'd rather not live it.

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