Ugh, had to get a new guestbook. (I saved the entries to disk, though)

My brother Brandon didn't go to Florida with Mom. Him and my other brother fight constantly, so Mom thought it would be best to seperate them. Brandon will go down later when Dad Uhauls the rest of Mom's stuff down to her.

Dad invited me on the little trip, but I hesitated. I didn't want another California fiasco. But I eventually relented. After all, with all the bridges I've been burning I could use some time away.

Heh, I've travelled more these last few months than my entire life.

Anyhoo, this trip to Florida doth not bode well. Dad and I started arguing right after he picked me up. He has a new motto lately- "It's not all about Blake."

I could take that from anyone else, but coming from him, it's total hypocritical bullshit! EVERYTHING is ALWAYS about HIM! I put up with it for a while, but after he went off and said I should be an 'Internalist, not an Externalist' and I should think about others for a change I brought up the whole credit card thing; I lent him two credit cards to fix his car and I ended up with $1000 worth of Cigar and Restaurant bills.

He actually said those expenditures were taken 'Out of context' and I should 'Stop seeing things in Black and White' ARRGGG! That man drives me crazy.

BUT I'll just have to put up with it. It'll be nice to see the family one last time.

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