Well I'm back, and I'm happy to report that 17 hours in a car with Dad wasn't nearly as agonizingly painful as I thought it might be. Probably because I tried to sleep for most of the ride.

I really didn't do much in Florida. Most of the time I was just hanging out with family.

While we were there, my Dad got the news that his best friend's dad had just died. Dad and Fred met in California, and kept in contact after we moved. Dad's probably going to fly out to meet him this weekend. He invited me along but I have a bunch of stuff to take care of here.

I can't believe full-time is only a month away. I just don't want to put it off anymore- it'll take about a year before I can get all the cosmetic surgery I need. Besides, even though I'm 'ugly as fuck' I still get ma'amed more than half the time, which isn't so bad.

I used to think full-time was some sort of magical barrier, but now I see that's not the case. It's just something that happened so slowly that by the time I'm ready to declare "Hey, I'm full-time" all I'll have to do is use my 'girl voice' and loosen up my mannerisms a bit.

Clothes-wise, I'm not going to be wearing dresses or heels too much. I think the only 'dramatic' change will be switching to tank tops and maybe wearing a bit more makeup.

Eesh, I'm such a tomboy.

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