Whoda thunk it?

On a lighter note, I was having lunch solo at a Thai restaurant. I was
sitting besides a table with a group of girls that couldn't have been
more than 16.

My iPhones earbuds were firmly in place but at the moment I wasn't
listening to anything.

Soon after I was seated I saw them glancing at me out of the corner of
my eye. "Oh boy," I thought, resigning myself to the taunts. Teenage
girls can be pretty cruel towards TGs.

What had to be the 'leader', being the prettiest and blondest of the
gaggle, leaned towards her group and whispered "She's so hot!"

"Yeah, totally!" And then they went back to talking about American
Idol or whatever teenage girls talk about.

I was floored. Only in San Francisco...

So, needless to say, I had a nice lunch.

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Anonymous said...

"She's so hot!" Yes she is.

Simon Lin said...

Well, can you blame them? With your body and face, it's not like that it's easy to tell you are a TG.

Michael Siegel said...

Aww, that must have felt kinda neat.