Easy life

I take my quiet moments where I can find them. I was unwinding with
some WoW in our common area when one of our neighbors dropped in to
use the bathroom.

He commented that I had an easy life.

I didn't say anything, but I did dwell on it for awhile.

I'm not starving. I'm not being forced to go to war or anything. But
it strikes me as presumptuous, at best, to say that to someone.

East? The other day I stood between a guy and his wife to stop him
from beating her. I get death threats from crackheads when I try and
enforce the rules around here.

A guy died in front of me because I didn't call an ambulance in time.

Not to mention my fucked up personal life.

So yeah, I can afford to treat myself to fancy gadgets now and than,
but I wouldn't exactly say things have been Easy.

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Michael Siegel said...

College, maybe?

I guess I don't really know you (aside from what you reveal in blog entries and whatnot), but judging from everything you seem to have made it through and how on top of things you seem to be, I think there are a TON of people in this world with more fucked up lives than yours. Nobody's perfect.

Take care, Blake.