Well, here I am.

I really don't mean to let so much time pass between entries. I sit down to write after a long day, but first I check my email, than catch up on a few webcomics, check some news...

Let's get down to it.

Stacia, a.k.a. 'Ana' is now completly gone. She came by with her TG cousin Kyle to grab the rest of her things from storage. After that was loaded into the car, I gave Stacia her notebooks- twelve years worth of diaries. (No, I didn't read any of them.)

So, she walked away for the last time, just as the rain started to pour down, like a bad 1940's noir movie.

As luck would have it, and I'm not sure whether it's good or bad, 'Amy', my ex-roommate/ex-Best-Friend contacted me out of the blue and we got together for drinks. Long story short, after a night of bar hopping we ended up totally wasted at a strip club getting $40 lap dances.

Just like old times.

So, about the Date I mentioned in my last entry. She's a T-Girl I met on Craig's List. She's really cool, kind of spacey...but then again, so am I. I don't think I see us being any more than friends, though.

Well, that's all for now. I'm thinking about recreating my Halloween costume and putting up some clearer pics. I think it was really hot!

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