Ah, an update- and it hasn't been a month yet!

I added a few new pics over the weekend.

What the...?! 300,000 hits? Wowsers.

Well, ever since my fantastically nauseating hangover last Sunday, I haven't smoked. Lets see if it lasts this time.

In the days before my Christmas Vacation, I've been cleaning out my room of the junk accumulated during the past couple of years. I always get real sad and depressed whenever I do this.

Mostly I'm a pack rat. I keep everything. Even during the clean-up, I couldn't bring myself to throw out some old movie stubs or chinese cookie fortunes.

And then there's the whole 'time shock'. The date on a receipt or an old entry in a paper journal puts a heavy weight on my chest.

It's been that long since ____?!

Time really flies. I can't believe I moved to San Francisco on July 22nd, 2004, and here it is almost 2007.

I start thinking back to 1995, to a conversation I had with a friend while we were on the swing sets. We were talking about how neither of us could imagine dieing, how maybe we'd just live forever.

Heh, I miss those days...

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