Hehe, I forgot to mention that the rumor that Dad ran off to Atlantic City turned out to be false. It was an honest mistake- it's always hard to tell what that Man's really up to.

But it seems the California trip is still on, and we'll be leaving early Tuesday morning. My brother Brandon will be going as well, so at least it won't just be Dad and I sitting in a car for two weeks with nothing to say to each other.

Argh, Damn Cold.

But nevertheless, I'm still looking forward to this trip. Things to see and people to meet.

It's odd, but when I'm away from my town, on my own, I find it much easier to talk to people. After Mike stranded me down south, I must have spent a half-hour just chatting with the front desk worker at my hotel after I checked in.

Travel breeds socialization, I suppose.

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