Dad informed me that the Road Trip to California is still on. It had been delayed because of a car and money issue, but it seems to have been resolved. We might even be leaving this weekend.

And I'm goin' to go.

You may ask 'Why?", since I:

A. Detest him


B. Still have a lot of preperation to do to?

Well first, I felt that getting a chance to take a grand tour down Memory Lane was too good to pass up, even if it meant spending two weeks with the guy.

Those times in California were the best of my life before everything started heading dowhill. It would be nice to see everything again from an older perspective.

Second, my Birth Certificate accidently got destroyed, and the new one will take a couple of weeks to get here. It's a required document to get my passport, and I'll just be sitting on my hands at a stand still until it arrives.

Aside from all that, I'd like to see a bit more of this country before I leave it. I'm going to be gone a while, and seeing everything with that knowledge will help me appreciate everything a little more.

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