Well 'Erica' showed up at my doorstep rather tearful. Apparently she violated her parole by missing a class, so before her arrest warrant is issued she said she's skipping town, heading back to Russia.

'Erica' doesn't want to go back to jail, and hey, who can blame her? I feel sorry for her, I really do. But I knew the last thing she'd want is my pity, so I just hugged her until she stopped crying, and we said our goodbyes.

Somehow, I had a feeling something like this would happen. She's a sweet kid. Well, I guess I can't say kid, seeing as how she's ten years older than me. But she doesn't seem to make the greatest decisions. Back when she was seeking advice, I said she should cut contact with these so-called friends, stay inside, read a book. Go to school. Get a job. Yadda yadda yadda. Nothing good ever happens past 2am. And get off the freakin' crack.

I tried to get her to a professional for her addiction- You can lead a horse to water, but... etc.

Anyway, I don't know if she'll make it, but more power to her for trying, I suppose. Maybe I've seen too many movies, but cynic as I am, I believe she can change, that it'll work out. That maybe when she gets back to the Motherland she'll clean herself up and get her life back on track.


Hmm, besides that, though, I've been trying to keep myself in a good mood, to keep the anxiety at bay. The last post helped me work out my feelings, a bit, and Mom helped, too.

It has sort of pushed me to get started with some of the stuff I've been putting off- building and inventing again. I finished building that workbench, and spent most of a paycheck on equipment. Signal Generators, HV Multipliers, N40 Neodymium Magnets, Oh My! I even got myself a labcoat.

Support United Nuclear! Write your representetives before they take away the garage inventing this country was built on!

Ok, I'm off the soapbox now.

Put some new images up. I got a surprising amount of requests for more Tied-Up pics. Almost makes me want to invest in some gear from bdsmtoybox.com, or something. I don't say much, but I have been craving a mouth gag. That Oral Fixation, again.

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